Thursday, May 24, 2012

Growing your own vege's can be healthy in so many ways.  Someone once said that you can solve all the problems of the world in the garden and I believe that's almost true.
for starters you know where your food is coming from.  What has gone into the soil, what has touched the the produce and how it is processed.  You have control over every part of its sowing, growing and harvest.
Growing your own reduces driving miles and miles (known as food miles) which lessens the impact on the environment dramatically.
Saving seeds and replanting keeps us in control of our food, rather than multi corporates genetically modifying our seeds and having control over it.  This ensures that healthy un-modified nutritious food remains in the hands of the individual rather than a multi global organisation.  How scary would it be if we could only buy food from the supermarket and we had no control over how it was sown, grown or flown to us?
Check out this Food Inc
Growing veges also helps us to put our head where our hands are.  That is, slow down, get grounded and breathe.  Simple healthy techniques that can ease anxiety, stress and concern.
Personally, I find I can naturally connect spiritually when I'm in the garden pottering.  It gives me the space and time that I need to do that.  I hope you find the same space within your garden or that you can create one soon.

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